Virtual Assistants

Let us assist with the tasks you do not get time for.

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Outsource routine work so your team can focus on what's important

A lot of businesses start off as a one-man show, but there comes a point where the workload needs to be spread. However, sales come and go and a lack of consistency means employing someone is not an option. That's where we come in.

We have a team of independent professionals who can assist you with the tasks you don't have time for, either on a monthly basis that we can add to a retainer, or once-off quick tasks billed per hour. 

Virtual Assistants

Keep Cost & Risk Low

A secret to starting a successful business is keeping your overheads low for as long as possible. By hiring a virtual assistant you will only pay for the work that needs to be done, keeping your risk and financial commitments low.

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If it can be done virtually,
we can do it!

Secretarial Services

Let us handle day-to-day work while you focus on what needs your attention most.

Bookkeeping & Processing

We'll help keep track of your income & spending.

Travel Arrangements

Booking flights and accommodation, we'll take care of your travel plans.

General Admin

We know you don't like admin - we'd love to help!

Website Maintenance

We've got just the person to help you keep your website up-to-date and looking good.

Digital Marketing

Need someone to handle your advertising and marketing campaigns? Look no further!

Social Media Management

Handling of correspondence on your social media accounts.

Content Development

We'll do the research and assist in content creation for your brand.

Blogging & Writing

Not getting time to edit and write articles for your blog? We can lend a hand.


Qualified translators available for translating of any written works.

Transcripts & Typing

Need something transcribed? We've got you covered.

Graphic Design

Hire a designer to assist with whatever design work you need doing.

...and more!

If you are unsure whether our virtual assistants have what you need, contact us to find out.


Need a Virtual Assistant?

Keep your overheads low and let us handle day-to-day work while you focus on what needs your attention most.

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Join Our Team

Work As A Virtual Assistant

Do you have skills that you would like to offer as a Nyfti virtual assistant? Contact us to find out how you can join our team.

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Terms & Conditions
*Our contractors all fund their own overheads and operational costs, therefore this service starts at a minimum hourly rate of R350 per hour. Hourly rates are negotiable depending on the scope of work, the skill level of the contractor and continuity of work, for example monthly retainers. Please provide us with a detailed scope for a formal quotation.