Who We Are

About Us

Who We Are

Nyfti consists of a group of independent entrepreneurs, professionals within their fields combined with the knowledge and experience of running their own successful businesses.

At Nyfti we cannot solve all your problems, however we would like to try.

We want to help you plan your business venture, teach you how to manage your cash flow, provide you with capacity when you cannot afford to employ someone full-time and keep your overheads and operational costs low as you only pay for services when needed.

Company Mission

Our mission is to assist local and international businesses with limited staff capacity and skill with the necessary services to run a successful business. We want to assist businesses to adapt in a constantly changing environment, to be agile, to go virtual and make use of valuable systems to optimise and automate business processes so that business owners can focus on what matters most - the core business. 

We aim to achieve a state of equilibrium, where there is balance within the organisation as well as outside. As entrepreneurs we tend to neglect our personal lives, by optimising and outsourcing our business services we are left with more time for family and reaching personal objectives - you only live once. Make it count.

Company Vision

To become the partner in every small to medium business and to mentor and guide start-ups to reach their full potential.

Company Values


You can go a long way by just being friendly. Kill ‘em with kindness!


You have not walked in someone else’s shoes so do not judge.


Things happen at the right time, not necessary in our time.

Service Excellence

We must always have pride in what we do, especially when others are paying us to do what they can’t. Always deliver your best and strive to be better.


Speak the truth - always.

Good Intentions

Do things for the right reasons, only then can you prosper.


Transfer knowledge and expertise to others so that they can be empowered to reach their full potential.

Inner Peace

When you are in a state of inner peace you will treat others well. Those who are inherently content and peaceful do not have a need to prove themselves. Stay humble.


We do not discriminate against people based on background, income, authority or the lack thereof, education or the lack thereof, gender, race or disabilities.


We respect others by arriving on time, keeping to deadlines and granting others the time to rest.


There is enough work and money out there for everyone if we share.